Preparing for Viva Duets – Part One

I’m feeling very provincial as I was not familiar with most of the artists that are featured on the upcoming Viva Duets album. Sure I knew who Gloria Estefan is (having spent some time in my wayward youth dancing to Conga) and who doesn’t know Marc Anthony.  So, for any of you who may be in the same boat as me, I thought it would be great to get to know them a bit before the album is released on October 23.

Marc Anthony

Born: September 16, 1968 in New York City and grew up in East Harlem. Both his parents are of Puerto Rican descent.
Twitter: @marcanthony

Originally named Marco Antonio Muñiz after the famous Mexican singer, he took the stage name Marc Anthony. He started his career singing in New York in the 1908s and was initially associated with  Freestyle, a form of Latin electronic dance music and also made his name as a Freestyle songwriter. In the early 1990s, he gradually began to move to the salsa style and recorded his first salsa album in Spanish, Otra Nota, in 1993. He also began acting in the mid-nineties with great success, including a role in the Paul Simon musical The Capeman and films including Bringing Out the Dead and In the Time of Butterflies with Salma Hayek. He has won the Grammy award multiple times.

He and Tony will be singing For Once in My Life on Viva Duets.

We feature his duet with Jennifer Lopez, Escapémonos, from Amar Sin Mentiras, which won the 2005 Grammy for best Latin Pop Album.

Miguel Bosé

Born: April 3, 1956 in Panama City, Panama. His mother, Lucia Bosé, was a famous Italian actress and his father, Luis Miguel Dominguín, a legendary bullfighter.
Twitter: @boseofficial

Miguel Bosé grew up surrounded by many of the great artists and writers of the 20th century; Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway were both close friends of the family. His godfather was Luchino Visconti, director of Death in Venice, among many other Italian classic films.

Bosé started his career as an actor in 1971 and then branched out to singing in 1975 to great success. His 1985 song, Amante Bandido, became a hit in Spain and in Latin America, and secured his place as a superstar.

He and Tony will be singing Don’t Get Around Much Anymore on Viva Duets.

We feature another of his songs: Nena.

Roberto Carlos

Born: April 19, 1941 Brazil.
Twitter: @siteoficialrc

Known as The King of Latin Music, or often simply The King, Roberto Carlos is a Brazilian superstar. He has been performing since the  1950s and was instrumental in the Jovem Guarda (or Young Guard) movement, which created the birth of Brazilian popular music.  Since that beginning, he has composed and performed steadily up to today.  He has also acted in Brazilian cinema.  He won a Latin Grammy in 1989 for his album Roberto Carlos / Toto. A recent revival of the Jovem Guarda movement by young Brazilian artists has introduced his music and influence to a new generation.

We present El Gato Que Está Triste y Azul as introduction to his wonderful voice. This is live performance from his album En Vivo.


Born: June 28, 1968 in Rio Peiedras, Puerto Rico.

Born Elmer Figueroa Arce, Chayanne is Puerto Rican singer and actor. He currently lives in Miami, Florida, with his wife (attorney and former Venezuelan beauty queen) Marilisa Maronesse and their children.

After being told he was too young to join the group Menudo (who I actually remember), he joined another group called Los Chicos and never looked back. After the group separated in 1984, he began his career as a solo artist. He has recorded steadily and produced hit after hit. He is known as a dynamic and energetic performer and is a pop music icon throughout Latin America. I have to say that I can’t stop listening to his music.

Update: The official Tony Bennett website has posted a sample of their duet The Best is Yet To Come.

We feature Me Enamoré de Ti from 2009: